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SEO Aberdeen Tips for People Who Are New to SEO

Plenty of Research and Use of Relevant Keywords

When you start any new SEO Aberdeen campaign or you are looking to expand your existing one, the first thing you need to do is research. The research stage is one of the most essential parts of an SEO campaign. Without proper research, you may be targeting the wrong keywords, which could mean the visitors to your site could be irrelevant and have no interest in the products or services you provide. The best way to ensure that your keywords are relevant is to be as specific as possible. The more generic a keyword is, the more likely there is to be many other businesses fighting for the top spot.

Optimise Website with SEO Aberdeen

Once you have chosen your relevant keywords, they then need to be used to optimise the website. This can be done through adding in keywords to the sits content, this helps with both user experience and search engines recognising what your website and business are about.

Page Titles and Metas

Page titles and meta descriptions are shown in search engine search results. These should contain at least one keyword in a way that also explains what the page is about. You can use multiple keywords as long as they don’t look spammy and unnatural.


As well as changing how you will appear in the search results, it is also important to optimise the content on your website. Not every web page should be optimised, the contact page for example, does not need to be optimised.

Ensure that you don’t use too many keywords in the same page, this will look spammy and could hindrance your website rather than helping it. If you don’t already, then having separate pages for each of your different products and services can be a huge help in SEO Aberdeen. This allows you to separate your keywords into different niche pages, which can give visitors the insight and information they are looking for, as well as making it easier for search engines to figure out what each page is about. When content is optimised, you can use internal links to link different pages together using keywords. This doesn’t only boost the SEO but it can also help Google and other search engines crawl your website.

Optimise Your Business On Other Online Platforms

Off page optimisation is just as important as on page optimisation, here are some of the many ways that you can do this with SEO Aberdeen.

Social Media

Your website isn’t the only thing you need to optimise. There are other online platforms that you can use to aid your business. Social media is the perfect example of a platform that can be used to aid your SEO Aberdeen efforts.

Link Building Is a Huge Part of Any SEO Aberdeen Campaign

Link building is another essential part of an SEO Aberdeen campaign. This type of on page optimisation can help build trust between search engines and your site, which could help see your ranks soar. This involves getting other websites to include a link to your site and this could be in their own web content or a blog post. You can also use directories to upload information about your company, as well as a link to your website. Directories tend to be more informative to the customer rather than website links but both can be extremely effective. When link building, you want to try and avoid spammy sites. This is because you want search engines to be able to trust your site and the best way to do that is to include already trusted sites – such as WordPress – in your link building efforts. 

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